Garage Sales

Current Garage Sales

Green Bay Road
Online Sale: Ends June 8th at 10:00am

60th Ave
Online Sale: Ends June 28th at 10:00am

For more information and to bid on a unit, visit

From time to time we’re forced to auction the contents of a storage unit due to non-payment or abandonment. For many people, this is an opportunity to find interesting deals on a wide assortment of items. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit and search Barth Storage for current and ongoing units for sale.
  2. Photos and potential item descriptions available online.
  3. Place a bid on any unit(s) you’re interested in. You must bid on the ENTIRE unit, not items within.
  4. The highest bidder is notified at the end of the sale period.
  5. If you are the highest bidder, you have an entire weekend to remove the contents of the unit you have won.